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The credit industry is one of the largest industries in the world, and it is no surprise that many people have credit cards. The question is, how to maintain good credit and maintain good financial health? This article explains how to make good use of your credit cards and how to use them responsibly.


Use credit cards responsibly

Use credit cards responsibly

You can be sure that your credit history will be much better than if you use credit cards irresponsibly. There are a few different ways that you can use your credit cards responsibly, and you should start implementing these strategies as soon as possible.

If you are not a consumer who purchases a lot of items with your credit cards, it might be a good idea to only use your credit cards for those items that you really need. If you can pay for things with cash or a check, you should use this method. You can use a credit card to pay for gas at the pump or at the store, but you should use a credit card when you have to make a purchase that is necessary.

By keeping your balance as low as possible, you can avoid the interest that is charged on credit card balances. You will also be able to pay your credit card off in as little as a year, and this will make your credit score better.


Purchases with your credit card that you really need

Purchases with your credit card that you really need

Another strategy you can use to help your credit score is to only make purchases with your credit card that you really need. For example, you can use your credit card to make a deposit to your savings account, but you should only use it to make purchases that you really need. If you only make purchases with your credit card every once in a while, you will not accumulate a large amount of debt, and you can save money by only using your credit cards when you really need to.

You should not use your credit card to make purchases that you have not received cash for. Instead, make your purchases with cash. If you have a checking account, you can make your purchases online, but you should only make purchases with your credit card.

Finally, it is also important to always pay off your credit cards in full each month. If you do not, you will be charged late fees, and you might be hit with additional fees if you fail to make your minimum payment on your credit card.


Ways to use your credit wisely, and credit cards can be a great financial tool

Ways to use your credit wisely, and credit cards can be a great financial tool

Use your cards responsibly and you can enjoy the many benefits that come with using your credit. If you have multiple credit cards, you will have a more secure financial future if you pay off the balance on each credit card. The more cards you have, the more interest you will accumulate, and the more your interest rate will go up. You should always be concerned with building up a good credit score, because it will help you in many ways. Your score is based on your payment history, the amount of debt that you have, and the type of credit that you have.

You will be able to get lower interest rates, better loan terms, and a better credit card. when you make your payments on time. You will also be able to get a lower interest rate on home loans and auto loans if you have good credit. The banks and credit unions that give you credit cards are aware that you are in need of a low interest rate.

When you are using a credit card, you will have many benefits. The rewards are great, especially the airline miles that you can accumulate from using your credit card to fly. The other great thing about credit cards is that you can make your purchases at any time. You can use your credit card at almost any retail store, and you can use your credit card to buy practically anything that you want.

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Are You Interested in Short Term Loans Online?

Are You Interested in Short Term Loans Online?

Short term loans online are just as easy to apply for as other types of loans, and will come with some very useful benefits and advantages for those who wish to obtain one. The only difference is that the terms may be a little longer or may be slightly higher. But the idea is to get something that is easy and convenient for you to obtain.


There are many reasons why this type of loan is advantageous to many people. The most common reason for applying for one is when one is in need of money for an emergency situation and can’t get a personal loan from their bank. That is not to say that it will be harder for you to get a loan if you do have a personal loan already, it just means that you will get a little more room on your budget if you use this option.


When it comes to the money you will be able to put towards your new car or any other item, many people just don’t think about what short term loans online can provide. They simply hope that their credit history will help them to be approved for the loan and that they will be able to get the car of their dreams. However, with this option, it is not the bank that will be getting the money.

Using an online loan for all the needs

Using an online loan for all the needs

Many people would be happy to use an online loan for all of their needs. It may not seem like much of a benefit, but it is actually an advantage. Many lenders will allow you to apply for this type of loan for a few different reasons.


If you are interested in buying a new vehicle, you may find that it is hard to get one because of bad credit. In some cases, lenders will require you to take a cosigner for the loan. This person will be guaranteeing the loan and helping out in some way in case you default on the loan. This is a great way to get a loan if you are in a situation where you will not be able to get a personal loan from your bank.


If you have bad credit and don’t want to take that risk, you can take advantage of an online loan. You should be aware though that this type of loan will not necessarily help you get a better rate. Your rates could be a little higher than what you are used to. There is also no guarantee that the lender will be able to approve you for a better loan.


If you are in a situation where you need to make sure that you are getting the loan you need, it is important to shop around for the best rates. Many banks offer online loans to many different types of people, so you may be able to get a better rate online. Some lenders only work with those with good credit to ensure that you will get a loan that is low cost and effective. This is very important to do if you are concerned about the types of loans you could qualify for because you do not want to have bad credit standing with you.


In order to know how to use these types of loans, you must first know what your financial situation is. You must have a job and be able to prove it to the lender. You should also have good credit to be able to apply for the loan. The online lending process is quite straightforward and should not take long to complete.


These short term loans online should be quite easy to complete because you will not have to deal with traditional forms of document or paperwork. The application process will be done online and it will be processed online as well. If you are going to use this type of loan to buy a new vehicle, then make sure that you take the time to apply at least once.

What are the payment method?


You may be asked to choose between a payment plan or interest only. The payment plan will allow you to make small payments every month for a set amount of time. This is usually the best option for anyone with bad credit and to anyone that is not in a hurry to purchase anything immediately.


If you are interested in the interest only plan, make sure you read all of the fine print in it before you sign up. There will be a list of fees to pay every month and a large sum of money deducted from your checking account. This money is due in seven monthly payments so make sure you get this right and you can apply online.


Payday loans online direct lenders -Start your direct payday loan application /quick-easy-credit-check-loans/ Mon, 02 Dec 2019 12:03:50 +0000 With online loans with instant confirmation, the way can be bypassed at the house bank. With an online loan with immediate approval, the applicant will receive the requested amount within a few days unbureaucratically. With the money, financial matters can be settled, so that the financial burden will decrease sharply. In this area above all direct banks offer many offers, which can be used for on-line loans with immediate promise. Thus, the borrower can be helped quickly and easily to get fast money. Compare is always worthwhile, because online banks, in particular, have a lot of competition and one wants to undercut the other. This creates conditions that are very cheap and therefore very different. Here, conditions can be asked and the black sheep are sorted out, so no one gets into the credit trap.

Start your direct payday loan application today

Above all, an online direct payday loan has one advantage: they can be granted or denied within seconds. Thus, the borrower learns very quickly whether he can take this loan or not. The loan is processed very quickly so that the sum is transferred to the account very quickly. Since the loan is very cheap, only little interest is paid. Of course, a loan comparison can be made to find an attractive offer. The online loan with instant confirmation can be applied for via the Internet without any problems. With an online direct payday loan through, the applicant receives everything that makes up quick financing. This financial product offers favorable conditions and rapid processing.

Negotiations on an online loan with instant confirmation

The competition on the Internet is enormous, so they want to undercut all. This results in favorable interest rates and special repayment options. Since the banks like to win over customers, the applicant can lead good negotiations in his favor. Thus, not only special repayments are guaranteed, but often knock out further savings. So the desired loan can be selected and the individual conditions are negotiated. This creates flexibility that can only be beneficial.

Basically anyone can take out a loan of this kind if he can meet all the requirements.

The application, which is issued on the Internet, must always be true. If the information is entered intentionally wrong and this comes out, a complaint is quickly made because of credit fraud. This should happen under no circumstances because it is either a fine or even in the worst-case imprisonment. However, if all information is correct and the applicant is over the age of 18, nothing should stand in the way of this credit and be quickly approved.

Easy online payday loans -Get Legitimate Payday Online up to $1000 /easy-online-payday-loans-get-legitimate-payday-online-up-to-1000/ Sat, 27 Jul 2019 05:44:26 +0000 I requested your loan online for any destination from any side and with very few requirements.

When you need loans online for all destinations for all destinations quickly and conveniently, you can’t wait for the bank or other financial institutions to analyze your order, they ask you for a lot of papers and receipts that you often don’t have and finally give you. Answer that is not expected. Don’t you feel like banking your boss’ s face when you ask him for an advance? Not to mention if you live far from the city and you don’t have anything close. Or your family’s questions about the destiny of money? For the occasional lack of money, there is nothing better than online loans for all destinations. They are agile, simple and convenient.

Get Legitimate Payday Online up to $1000

Do you have an empty wallet and do not know where to get extra weights? I can help you. My service is very useful when you need a short-term loan for a specific situation. While it is simple to apply and access my online loans for all destinations, it is not intended for finance you in the long term or if you are already seriously in debt. Keep in mind that you will have to cancel it within a maximum of 3 installments. As we get to know each other, if you comply with the agreement, more money and better benefits I can give you.}

You do not have to do anything more than have your cbu, your ID and your cell phone at hand, with these three things you can register and apply for the loan on the same day. If you want to see all the requirements click here.

Another advantage of my online loans for all destinations is that they are processed every day of the week, from any computer or cell phone. You don’t have to go anywhere to queue, wait to be served, present documents and etc. There are no paperwork or paperwork; neither hidden expenses, nor small print to decipher. I am more transparent than water! The entire registration, application and approval process is done online and in a few minutes.

How do online loans work for every destination?

How do online loans work for every destination?

You can create an account from wherever you are, by entering my Good Finance website or downloading my app in your cell, from Google Play by searching for ‘Good Finance Personal Loans’ or by clicking here. It is super easy and practical.

With me you just have to register, make the online loan application for all destinations and on the day you have it credited (whenever you make a business request day before 17hs). When you open your account, so that I can meet you, I will ask you for some personal information. In just minutes I check your case and confirm how much money I can give you and how to return it. Select the amount you want, in the amount of fees you know you can return and finally complete your CBU. After a while you will have the credit deposited in the bank account you entered at the time of making the loan management.

If an unexpected expense arose, an unforeseen arrangement

If you have a few days to collect and you also need money, ask me. If you have run for an urgent purchase, don’t run for the money, ask me. If an unexpected expense arose, an unforeseen arrangement, an emergency that requires you to pay now, ask. Ask me, ask me, ask me! I’m here to lend, because I’m Good Finance, the queen of online loans for every destination.

If you have any questions or queries about how to register you can chat with me and resolve your query within a few minutes or send me an email from the contact form and in the next 24 hours I will be writing to you by mail.

Possibilities for a Bank Loan Remain – Loan for Unemployed /possibilities-for-a-bank-loan-remain-loan-for-unemployed/ Sun, 07 Apr 2019 14:40:37 +0000

Under a private credit entry in the colloquial language is mainly understood an existing negative feature. Not every feature has the same effect on creditworthiness, especially since private credit distinguishes between hard and soft negatives. At the same time, the term refers to the announcement of a loan to the private credit.

This is always the case when a bank loan is granted, whereas installment credits granted by hypermarkets and mail order companies are generally not reported to the private credit. In the case of credit lines, private credit learns that they are being granted while it is unaware of the actual claim. People are unemployed if they work for less than fifteen hours per week and are both able to work and willing to work.

Which possibilities for a bank loan remain?

Which possibilities for a bank loan remain?

In commercial banks, a loan with private credit entry for the unemployed requires in principle the placement of a guarantor or a co-applicant. For small loan amounts, a small regional bank will have an exception if the loan applicant is personally known in the office. With regard to the financial standing of a guarantor, the bank must set stricter standards than a credit customer, so that the guarantee is legally secure. In addition, the guarantor must be able to assess the scope of his actions, to which the bank can contribute with appropriate instructions.

Anyone who has agreed on a call-off loan before the occurrence of unemployment or before forfeiting the private credit negative feature can continue to use it as a loan with private credit entry for the unemployed. An on-demand call-off loan is usually retained as long as the bank customer complies with the repayment agreement.

However, most banks reduce the disbursement credit granted directly to the checking account when the incoming payments decrease. If a loan with a private credit entry for the unemployed is offered in the advertisement, the prospective buyer pays attention to the conditions and applies for them only if he does not have to pay any pre-payment for the loan application processing. Such charges are not allowed.

Other options for borrowing

Other options for borrowing

Especially for small loan amount to offer a loan with private credit entry for unemployed platforms for credit intermediation between individuals. The corresponding platforms allow borrowers with soft negative characteristics after a case-by-case assessment. In each individual case, the private lenders registered, who often orientate themselves to social criteria, decide on the concrete lending.

In contrast to customary private bank loans, the personal loan platforms require specification of the purpose for which a loan is requested. If borrowers need the money for urgently needed purchases, recipients of Hartz 4 benefits can apply for a loan with private credit entry for unemployed persons at the case manager. The Jobcenter grants a loan without interest calculation and settles the repayment in small increments with the future benefit payments.

Are Online Loans Secure? /are-online-loans-secure/ Sun, 31 Mar 2019 14:36:48 +0000

The wave of Financial Technology companies that have been created in recent years in Mexico and Latam, have revolutionized the processes and financial tools we knew. For this reason, it is very possible that as a user you ask yourself how reliable and secure the credits are online and the answer depends on the financial institution where you request it.

The number of Multiple Purpose Financial Companies that exist so far in the country, constitute 5.6% of the credit market. That’s why Before applying for a credit online, I recommend that you take into account the following points to avoid and detect fraudulent companies.

Validate the reliability of the institution

Validate the reliability of the institution

The institutions that offer online loans are also regulated. Come to the Condusef or the National Banking and Securities Commission and verify the legality of the company. Sometimes it will not appear with the trade name but with the company name, do not be scared! For example in Dirosher you can find us as a Red Friend DAL. Another way in which you can validate the company is knowing the opinion of other clients who requested a loan.

Check the privacy policy

Check the privacy policy

The online process allows Financial Technology companies to accelerate the online credit process and offer personalized amounts and terms. When filling out an application it will be necessary to enter personal or business information. Quiet! If the financial is regulated, your data will be protected. It does not hurt to review the privacy policy to know how your data will be treated and the rights you are granting to the financial institution. You can find this commonly on their website or in the contract that will be given to you.

Make sure you have a contact form

Make sure you have a contact form

Although the procedure is 100% online, it is good that you know the address or telephone number of the institution. If you have questions or modifications about your credit, you can go directly to the company. At Dirosher we have advisors who will help you solve all your doubts during the online credit process. In the same way you can investigate if in addition to an email or telephone they have social networks, since nowadays they have become a new channel of direct communication.

Do not make deposits in advance

Do not make deposits in advance

Asking you for money before credit is approved online is a bad sign, no financial company should ask you for advances. There are usually commissions at the time of requesting a credit, both in the traditional way and online credit. For example, the commission for opening, which covers administrative, management and IT costs necessary to provide a loan.

These tips will help you when applying for secure online credits. Do not be fooled and take some security measures.

Loan for the Unemployed – Almost Impossible for German Banks /loan-for-the-unemployed-almost-impossible-for-german-banks/ Thu, 07 Feb 2019 15:59:40 +0000

Those affected by unemployment quickly find themselves in financial predicaments, which could only be helped by receiving a loan. In many cases, bills are open or necessary purchases can not be paid with the existing unemployment benefit. Most banks deny unemployed people a loan. A loan for unemployed people without Private credit is almost impossible for German banks.

Good long-term business relationships are often rewarded by banks

Good long-term business relationships are often rewarded by banks

Many banks are well informed about the financial possibilities of their customers. This is especially true if long-term business relationships exist. The house bank, where the checking account is kept and also savings or insurance were completed, should therefore of course be the first point of contact in a difficult financial situation such as unemployment.

Depending on the amount of the unemployment benefit and the known period of unemployment, banks can set up a smaller discretionary loan. If guarantors, savings or even real estate are available, it is possible that the bank granted a loan. However, the data of the credit agency are needed here and a loan for unemployed without Private credit information is not granted. If the entries are not severe and there are no legal claims, banks can make a positive decision.

Private credit providers can be an alternative for the unemployed

Private credit providers can be an alternative for the unemployed

If a loan has not been approved by a bank, a credit portal on the internet can be a solution. A loan for unemployed people without Private credit, however, is not possible even on these portals, where private investors finance loans. If no major payment defaults are noted in the Private credit information, unemployed persons are also admitted to these portals. This is possible because the monthly income is listed here but often does not have to be proven by payroll.

After logging in, a profile with as much information as possible will be created for the lenders. The loan project must be written in writing and should be fairly well defined. If several lenders have fully funded the project, the loan will be disbursed and repaid like a loan by a bank in monthly installments. On the loan portals unemployed people can provide collateral, which must be acquired as certifications.

Private credit always plays a very important role in lending

Private credit always plays a very important role in lending

A loan for the unemployed without the Private credit, which provides the banks with the necessary data on the borrower, is rather not possible with German financial institutions and also on private loan portals. If you are rejected by a bank or a portal, you should not take it personally. With a cancellation, the lenders protect their capital and the borrower from further debts or possible over-indebtedness.

Signs that a Loan or Credit is Reliable /signs-that-a-loan-or-credit-is-reliable/ Fri, 01 Feb 2019 16:11:05 +0000

Urges you the money, they offer it fast, without conditions, without endorsement and in exorbitant amounts. Moreover, they promise you that you will have the cash regardless of whether you are a bad payer or have debts that have been in arrears for years. Some will even say that they solve your other financial problems. Nothing seems strange to you yet?

Only in 2015, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services registered around 10 thousand complaints about fraud in immediate credits. However, this same institution recognizes that it is very difficult to register a formal complaint in these cases, since most are “ghost companies” that are not even registered and that the Condusef can not investigate. To grant a loan in Mexico, it is not essential to be a financial company, therefore some department stores also offer loans for purchases, but it is recommended that they be guaranteed or certified by institutions such as Condusef or the National Banking Commission and Values.

The most common frauds

The most common frauds

The typical deceit of fraudulent lenders is the abuse of people with economic urgency, through strategies such as:

  • Fast money, but in expensive conditions and very long term, which represents endless methods of payment and more indebtedness at a disadvantage.
  • Theft of personal information for crimes such as extortion or identity supplementation.
  • Theft of money through charges of “administration expenses”.

5 signals from a reliable lender

5 signals from a reliable lender

There are some simple ways to rule out that the financial or company that grants the loan involves you in a scam. The following are good signs:

1.- Has a good reputation on the internet

It does not matter what you ask for a loan for, do not give in to the rush and take your time to googling the reputation of the company to which you will apply for the loan. Check the background of the company and the opinions of other users; if the majority are good. Also, remember that financial institutions that lend money should ideally be included in the Register of Financial Services Providers or the National Banking and Securities Commission. Enter the web pages of these institutions and you can check the registration from the internet, at no cost. You only have to have the name of the company or financial company that you are “investigating”. You can also verify the company in the Condusef that offers telephone and face-to-face advice, free of charge.

2.- Offer “moderate” sums of money or according to your ability to pay

A reliable lender company takes its precautions and is transparent with its clients. If you approach them for the first time, in addition to reviewing your credit history, it is expected that they will offer you only the minimum, in this way they will ensure that you will be able to pay, and they will begin a relationship with you to increase the amounts and improve the conditions of payment on future loans. Obviously they will not promise you to “get out of the credit bureau”, because that is impossible, since invariably all loans and credits (whether they are paid on time or not) are reported to the Bureau.

3.- It does not ask you to sign contracts or make administrative payments BEFORE applying to the loan

A reliable company knows that you ask for money because you do not have it, so it will obviously facilitate the conditions for you to get it fast, but it will NOT charge you before giving you the loan. Even if there are management procedures, they will be quick, and they should never “condition” you to pay “fees”, “insurance or opening commission” or any deposit before knowing if you will have authorized or not the credit. If you deliver any personal information to perform any procedure, a reliable lender will give you a reference or procedure number for future clarifications.

4.- Check your credit history but do not ask for private details

Reliable lenders review your credit history in a bureau or credit circle, as a formality, but ask for your authorization in writing, and verify public information. They do not ask for passwords or passwords at any time.

5.- It clearly explains the date and amount of your payments

When opening a loan or obtaining a loan, a reliable company will offer you free financial advice to guide you in any doubt; but also, it will show you explicitly how your payment scheme will be: the frequency with which you decided to pay and the amount that corresponds to each term, as well as the interest generated. Remember that just by comparing options you can save more than $ 3,700 in interest.

Do not forget that you are the first responsible for preventing fraud, if you avoid falling into deception: never leave personal data such as telephone, mail or address in social networks and expose your concerns in reliable and impartial financial sites.

Find a payday loan consolidation /find-a-payday-loan-consolidation/ Tue, 20 Nov 2018 08:30:35 +0000 Do you know what things you should always pay with your credit card? 

Today we will talk about the things you must pay with your credit card.

Know what you should or should not buy with your credit card.

Find a credit card that matches your spending habits, in fact, it can really save you money or at least a headache, in certain products and services you buy.

That’s because credit cards offer advantages and protections.

When is it important that you pay with your credit card?

Paying with your credit card is safer.

You can also earn rewards, such as trips or cash, even better for your safety against fraud.

Credit card users are much better protected.

Because if your credit card information is stolen, the card can be blocked or canceled easily.

In addition, thieves would only have access to your credit limit, not the savings of your entire life.

It also allows you to dispute not only fraudulent charges in your account but also charges that are erroneous by the establishment.

You can even dispute authorized charges and temporarily withhold payments without prejudice.

Pay with your credit card

Paying with your credit card can bring you many benefits for your personal finances that the cash could not give you.

In all our card articles, we have always highlighted the importance of making good use of them. Since in this way you can get more performance from them.

Credit cards are a financial tool, which should always be used responsibly.

Learn to take advantage of them and take advantage of their benefits.

A credit card is an open line of credit, which allows you to make different purchases, in order to pay them in installments each month, with their respective interests for the balance used.

Or even better without paying interest, if you return the entire balance before the end of the month.

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Things you must pay with your card

Depending on what you are buying, you can take advantage of special offers or discounts, to obtain rewards for each euro you spend or to obtain additional protection for your purchases.

We all wonder when it is better to pay with the credit card than with the cash.

Here are some things that may be better to pay with your credit card.

Let’s see what they are:

Appliances and Electronics

If you plan to buy a large screen TV or want to replace your old appliances with new ones.

Paying with a credit card is a smart option.

Many credit card issuers now offer free extended warranty programs for the things you buy with your card.

These programs vary in terms of what they cover and how long the warranty lasts, but in general, they can be used to repair or replace an item if it is damaged.

Some credit card companies also offer purchase protection, which covers loss, theft, and price matching for the things you buy.

For example, if you see the washer and dryer that you just bought for sale elsewhere, the card issuer will reimburse the difference to your account.

If you are planning to make a large purchase, using your credit card, you could save money in the long term.

Buy tickets or trips

Using the credit card to book a flight.

Making hotel reservations or booking a rental car is a no-brainer for several reasons. In terms of tranquility.

Credit cards are good for traveling because many card issuers offer things like travel insurance, trip cancellation service, emergency services, medical assistance and car rental insurance at no additional charge.

Some credit cards also allow you to earn rewards when you use your card to cover travel expenses.

Depending on the card you have, you can get free flights or hotel stays, discounts on car rentals and vacation packages, free upgrades and access to VIP programs or even cash.

TIPOS DE TARJETAS DE CRÉDITO | pagar con tu tarjeta de crédito

Some cards also offer additional benefits such as free concierge service and special access to discounts on entertainment and sporting events.

So it’s worth going shopping with the right card if you’re a frequent traveler.

Take a look at our online credit card comparator and get your credit card right now.

Online Purchases

Online shopping is convenient, but it also has certain risks, as to who can see your personal information.

If you are doing all your purchases online, paying with a credit card is the safest way to pay.

Credit card issuers often offer protection against identity theft, if your information is stolen.

Depending on the card, the coverage may be better, than what your bank offers for purchases made with your debit card.

Nor do you have to worry, for potential criminals who get direct access to your bank account when you pay with credit.

Recurring Accounts

If you are careful in paying your credit card in full every month.

Then you can use it to pay all your recurring bills since it is a good way to streamline your finances.

In this way, you will know that everything is paid on time and you will only have to deal with the payment of a single credit card bill each month.

If you are using a cash reward card, you could earn money for every euro you pay to the card.


Credit cards are a financial tool, which should always be used responsibly.

This means keeping your expenses under control, paying your balance and making smart decisions about the things you buy with credit.

Request payday loans for your contingencies /payday-loans-for-your-contingencies/ Sun, 04 Nov 2018 15:27:27 +0000 In this comparator, you will find the best payday loans of the market to solve any unforeseen- Easy steps to payday success. In addition, below we also tell you how you can get urgent credits in a matter of minutes:

The 3 typical reasons why you ask for a quick loan

In the wake of the economic crisis, many people have lost their jobs and many others have seen their salary reduced considerably. Now that the average purchasing power has fallen, any mishap can unbalance our financial situation and, in some cases, we do not even have the money necessary to face an unforeseen event.

In these situations, a good option may be asking for urgent loans from a private lender or from our bank. Let’s see the most common cases in which fast loans can help us:

  1. Pay an invoice that we have left the budget: with these products we can get money quickly to pay a bill too high and avoid, thus, that we cut the service or that a bank account is generated.
  2. Repair a domestic fault quickly: we can also request urgent credits to pay for the repair of a flat tire or a broken appliance, for example.
  3. To face a medical expense that does not cover the Social Security: these credits can be very useful to buy us new glasses if ours have been broken or to pay a visit to the dentist that requires urgency.

The reason for resorting to an urgent credit must be in a timely manner and in case we have an economic mishap that we did not expect. In fact, it is not advisable that we request urgent loans too often since we would run the risk of entering into a spiral of debts, which can lead to problems of over-indebtedness.

Who grants urgent credits at present?

During the first years of the economic crisis, the private lenders were the masters of urgent online loans, since they were practically the only ones that granted quick and easy financing. However, in recent months some banks have also launched different products that also provide liquidity in a matter of minutes. Next, we will see what are the characteristics of each entity and how are its credits:

  • Private lenders: these are companies that do not receive supervision from the Bank of Spain. Your quick loans are granted in a matter of a few minutes and to hire them you do not have to be a customer or acquire other linked products. These companies apply a higher interest rate than banks, but their credits do not include commissions or other additional expenses.
  • Conventional bank entities: our bank can also grant us a quick loan through several instruments: pre-granted loans, 24-hour loans, payroll advances … The interest applied by banks is usually lower, although in many cases they will charge commissions or expenses of connection.

According to our current economic situation and the amount of money we need, we will be more in charge of requesting a financing product in a private equity company or a banking entity. If, for example, we have a good track record in our bank, they will probably offer us very advantageous conditions, although the most important thing is to compare all the offers in the market.

Is it possible to get credit instantly?

Yes. It is possible to obtain financing practically at the moment, although it will depend on each product and the operation of each company. For example, in the case of private fast loans, companies respond almost immediately, but they can take between 15 minutes or 48 hours to enter the money. This delay is due to the particularity of bank transfers.

Transfers of money between accounts of the same bank will not take more than 15 minutes, but transfers between accounts of different banks may take between one and two days. Therefore, if we request fast loans from an entity that does not have an account in the same bank as us, the money will take longer to arrive.

Common Disadvantages of Urgent Credits

Although urgent credits can be very helpful, we must always use them responsibly, since otherwise, they can cause us many problems. The price of an urgent credit is higher than that of other loans, so we should only ask for them in specific cases of lack of liquidity.

Prior to contracting urgent loans, it is necessary that we ensure that the due date we will have the money necessary to amortize the borrowed capital and accrued interest. Otherwise, we will apply a series of penalties for the delay that will increase the price of the urgent credit significantly. We can not ignore that these fast loans have deadlines that will not go beyond 30 days in most cases.

The new weapons of the attraction of the urgent credits

More and more private equity lenders want to get the largest number of clients and to do so they must offer the most complete services and products. It is not new that credits instantly allow us to obtain small amounts of money in a matter of minutes, with a 100% online application process and with a reimbursement period that rarely exceeds 30 days.

What is new are the different offers, promotions, and conditions offered in their urgent loans to attract the attention of potential customers. Next, we explain what are the most common developments that have included private equity lenders:

  • Discounts: in many cases, we will get discounts on the fees that we will have to pay.
  • Promotions: in several companies, they will allow us to obtain the money, without having to pay anything for it, that is, returning only the amount requested.
  • Loyalty programs: there are several companies that will include us in promotional programs full of advantages such as the possibility of accessing higher amounts as we request more loans, discounts in fees, higher repayment terms, etc.

In addition to these three common advantages, we can also find that several companies require customers to meet much looser conditions to get urgent credit. In fact, we can get urgent credits, even if we appear in ASNEF, our income does not come from a payroll, etc.