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Do you know what things you should always pay with your credit card? 

Today we will talk about the things you must pay with your credit card.

Know what you should or should not buy with your credit card.

Find a credit card that matches your spending habits, in fact, it can really save you money or at least a headache, in certain products and services you buy.

That’s because credit cards offer advantages and protections.

When is it important that you pay with your credit card?

Paying with your credit card is safer.

You can also earn rewards, such as trips or cash, even better for your safety against fraud.

Credit card users are much better protected.

Because if your credit card information is stolen, the card can be blocked or canceled easily.

In addition, thieves would only have access to your credit limit, not the savings of your entire life.

It also allows you to dispute not only fraudulent charges in your account but also charges that are erroneous by the establishment.

You can even dispute authorized charges and temporarily withhold payments without prejudice.

Pay with your credit card

Paying with your credit card can bring you many benefits for your personal finances that the cash could not give you.

In all our card articles, we have always highlighted the importance of making good use of them. Since in this way you can get more performance from them.

Credit cards are a financial tool, which should always be used responsibly.

Learn to take advantage of them and take advantage of their benefits.

A credit card is an open line of credit, which allows you to make different purchases, in order to pay them in installments each month, with their respective interests for the balance used.

Or even better without paying interest, if you return the entire balance before the end of the month.

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Things you must pay with your card

Depending on what you are buying, you can take advantage of special offers or discounts, to obtain rewards for each euro you spend or to obtain additional protection for your purchases.

We all wonder when it is better to pay with the credit card than with the cash.

Here are some things that may be better to pay with your credit card.

Let’s see what they are:

Appliances and Electronics

If you plan to buy a large screen TV or want to replace your old appliances with new ones.

Paying with a credit card is a smart option.

Many credit card issuers now offer free extended warranty programs for the things you buy with your card.

These programs vary in terms of what they cover and how long the warranty lasts, but in general, they can be used to repair or replace an item if it is damaged.

Some credit card companies also offer purchase protection, which covers loss, theft, and price matching for the things you buy.

For example, if you see the washer and dryer that you just bought for sale elsewhere, the card issuer will reimburse the difference to your account.

If you are planning to make a large purchase, using your credit card, you could save money in the long term.

Buy tickets or trips

Using the credit card to book a flight.

Making hotel reservations or booking a rental car is a no-brainer for several reasons. In terms of tranquility.

Credit cards are good for traveling because many card issuers offer things like travel insurance, trip cancellation service, emergency services, medical assistance and car rental insurance at no additional charge.

Some credit cards also allow you to earn rewards when you use your card to cover travel expenses.

Depending on the card you have, you can get free flights or hotel stays, discounts on car rentals and vacation packages, free upgrades and access to VIP programs or even cash.

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Some cards also offer additional benefits such as free concierge service and special access to discounts on entertainment and sporting events.

So it’s worth going shopping with the right card if you’re a frequent traveler.

Take a look at our online credit card comparator and get your credit card right now.

Online Purchases

Online shopping is convenient, but it also has certain risks, as to who can see your personal information.

If you are doing all your purchases online, paying with a credit card is the safest way to pay.

Credit card issuers often offer protection against identity theft, if your information is stolen.

Depending on the card, the coverage may be better, than what your bank offers for purchases made with your debit card.

Nor do you have to worry, for potential criminals who get direct access to your bank account when you pay with credit.

Recurring Accounts

If you are careful in paying your credit card in full every month.

Then you can use it to pay all your recurring bills since it is a good way to streamline your finances.

In this way, you will know that everything is paid on time and you will only have to deal with the payment of a single credit card bill each month.

If you are using a cash reward card, you could earn money for every euro you pay to the card.


Credit cards are a financial tool, which should always be used responsibly.

This means keeping your expenses under control, paying your balance and making smart decisions about the things you buy with credit.


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